Anxiety & Depression

Hey You Beautiful People!

As some of you may have noticed i haven’t really blogged in a while and im sorry about that but i had to take time out for myself. Since a young age i have struggled with Anxiety & Depression and other mental health disorders and something it literally grips me and makes me feel like i have no escape and that i just cant function all i want to do is sleep and not move because hiding is easier than facing the real world. Anxiety gets its grip on me real good when it hits as it prevents me from leaving the house and socializing with others it makes me feel like im literally about to die. i get dizzy i feel sick my palms sweat and my chest gets tight my heart races and it literally cripples me and once that cycle has started then my depression likes to come in and introduce itself to my anxiety and they just love to torment me. i dont wanna be alone but at the same time i do and i feel lost and scared. i guess some readers may read this and see this as an over share but to me its not. to me its showing you that if you’re struggling with anything like this then you’re not alone and also i guess you could say this is me also reaching out to the outside world to see that im not the only one with this shit going on too. the Drs have given me medication after medication and it feels like none of it is right for me but they know best right? NO THEY DONT! the Drs infuriate me. it doesnt help that im STILL waiting for my GP to Accept the Fact i need my Testosterone through them its like talking to a brick wall honestly. they don’t seem to understand how distressing it is to our minds and bodies. to see the body we hate everyday and to go through miss gendering all the time because of our voices or because in my case my face is still feminine its soul breaking and i feel like there should be a Gender GP within every Doctors surgery so we have someone who understands us!
Well im gonna cut my rant short as im still Exhausted from not being too well atm but to my readers i love you all and if anyone has any remidies they would like to share with me about anxiety and depression feel free to leave a comment below any dis respect and you will be removed from the site.

thank you all

from me Oak! <3

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