hey hey, how are we all doing? 

wow i noticed i hadn’t posted in here for a while! I have been so damn busy with making Evolution the best i can for you. I’ve also been working on my new clothing line www.skycho.com  things have kind of gone a bit crazy recently i have some damn exciting things coming up! i have an amazing Team who works hard for me and i have some amazing new opportunities coming up. Life has taken a crazy turn for me and i am so damn blessed with everything that is happening in my world currently! i want to share it all with you guys, if it wasn’t for all of your support then these dreams of mine would not of been possible, it’s easy to create a business but its the people who help you grow that are the most important aspects, those people are my family and my friends and all of you and i am grateful for each and everyone of you.  

i would love to hear about your experiences within Evolution. and if you purchase any of the products from Skycho i would love to see pictures of you all repping it, and you can be sure that i’m going to be putting all of the pictures up within both websites! 

i’m going to have to get going now my lovelies as i am down with that horrible viral bug at the moment but i wanted to check in and share the love <3 

Stay safe, Stay Positive & remember if you need anything we are here <3 



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