Skycho has been a dream of mine since i was a young lad. i remember writing all of my plans and ways to bring this company to life in one of my Diaries, i still have the diary to this day. Its incredible to think that something that was once just a dream is now reality. You really can have anything you dream of for as long you put your mind to it and stay focused. I run this company with the help of two of my best friends who have helped this dream of mine become possible.. Honestly no words could ever thank them enough for being apart of this journey and being apart of my Team <3. 

please go over to and check it all out. 

On the Skycho website you will find Evolution Dating merchandise and clothing. In the next month or so there will be a new line of beard oils coming on sale, These oils are made especially for Trans mens new growth of Facial hair. i really hope you enjoy the website and i would love to hear everyones feed back 😀 


Thank you 



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