HERE IS HOW WE STARTED!  Hey I’m Oak!I hope you’re all enjoying Evolution Dating, I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts about this site.I remember sitting down in my living room and thinking to myself how there are so many Generic Dating sites on the internet but nothing that really caters for others like you and me, others that are apart of the LGBTQ+.So I grabbed a pen and a writing pad and I started to put down some ideas about how I could be different to all of the other sites out there, once I had come up with some good ideas I told my sister about my idea and she knew a web designer and well a year later here we are, you are now seeing my dream coming to life. We are growing every day. I still remember the day we officially launched I was absolutely shitting myself haha.I had so many thoughts running through my head, nerves, excitement, what if it didn’t run smoothly. Luckily for me I had some incredible support keeping my mind in a positive place reminding me of everything that I am doing.


Without the support of my sister Michelle, my mum and dad and our friend Carlie, I would most definitely of cracked. If anyone says to you that starting up a company and bringing it all to life is easy, DO NOT listen to that rubbish its hard as hell! And they’re lying to you haha.I would be lying if I said there wasn’t bickering and arguments along the way because fuck my life there was most definitely times we really weren’t keen on one and other. But in those moments you truly see how strong you are as a team because even with the arguments we have created this website. We have managed to all come together to bring this dream of mine to life. The best thing about it is we are all stronger than ever we are a tight unit <3 If you haven’t read any of the blogs yet then you don’t really know anything about the owner of this site. Yes that is me. Oak! I am a trans man, I am 29. I am in the earlier stages of my transition not because I have only just realized who am but because the GIC clinic near me is absolutely SHIT!  I have been on the waiting list for 3 years now. The last time I spoke to them they said id have another 2 years of waiting because of being low on staff!!


So I luckily have an awesome GP who provided me with a bridging prescription you can read up some more on that within the blogging section as I have put a lot of information in there. This is one of the other main reasons as to why I created Evolution Dating because being trans in a world of Generic Dating Websites it can be extremely difficult, Triggering, Degrading and so much more. I have struggled on those websites for many reasons. Growing up I had always felt different from everyone else, I mean well there is one obvious reason as to why I felt that way. I have Autism I was diagnosed pretty damn young but that did not make life any easier. I was a little fucker.


Being confused and lost in this world is some pretty scary shit. So growing up not understanding a lot was already hard, but then as soon as I started to notice I wasn’t in the right body things started to take a little bit of a downwards spiral.. trying to fit in with my “straight” friends when I was in early teens and pretending to be all interested in me guys when actually I was more interested in looking at some stunning girls. But being so afraid, so ashamed to admit to yourself and others that there is something not quite sitting right within you. So after a couple of years of hiding I decided okay maybe i’m a lesbian.. maybe that’s what is wrong with me? So I was walking through Asda one night with my sister Michelle and we were talking and she said to me. “are you a lesbian” well in my head I was like OH HOLY SHIT! Its now or never I guess! So I just said yeah I think I am, she literally said “ I KNEW IT! But that’s cool” and we carried on shopping haha. But after a lot of failed relationships with girls. With not being happy in myself with always being the “butch” (no offence) one of a relationship always wanting to be the guy always wanting to be the boyfriend. After years of trying to shut my head down from thinking about these things. I finally decided to be true to myself. I finally opened my eyes and seen that I have to be true to myself to be happy and to find who I am I need to do this.

So it was Christmas and I was using a filter that gave me facial hair [ I loved those filters] I was sat staring at the picture and I remember thinking to myself there I am. There he is. The real me. The man I am meant to be. So I got up and I walked over to my mum and I said to my mum look.. this is the real me. And my mum said “I knew I had two sons” my mum has been incredible! My sister has been incredible! My dad has been incredible! My friends everyone around me has been absolutely incredible! I always saying to my mum now..That she cooked me for too long, not only did I come out autistic, I came out in the wrong damn body!!    Since being true to myself I am honestly the happiest I have ever been. I am living my life how I have always meant to live it. I play guitar in my chill time, I dance in my underwear to whatever music is blaring out and I couldn’t care less! I love going on long drives with my friends or by myself singing and just having a damn good time. I am an uncle to beautiful little ones who are my entire world and honestly being an uncle has been the making of me. Those kids have taught me a love I never knew existed. 

So I’m going to shut up rambling on now! I really hope you enjoy this site and I’m looking forward to going on this journey with all of you! Oak x

This is myself and my sister. This Woman is my best friend and my partner in crime. We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have argued , we have been through a lot. To be sharing this experience with her in bringing my dream come to life is an honor, Shell has protected me all of my life she has always been there whenever I have needed her, but equally I am there for her too, don’t get me wrong she is SO DAMN MEAN TO ME! But then I guess that’s what big sisters do right? Pick on their little brothers or sisters. The way of life haha..Shell you were the first person I told I was gay, and you were then when I came out as being Oak and just like always you embraced it and called me your brother and loved me no less for being who I truly am. i mean damn look at me being all cute and nice right now when we both know you and I are known for our uhmmm Cxntish ways [ in the best ways people we aren’t mean] well she is… i’m not hahaha i’m joking 😛 i’m gonna get kicked in the ass for this when she sees this….So i’m going to go now and find somewhere to hide.

Catch you all later!X